Thank you for visiting our website.  We recently had the privilege of recording some of our favorite old hymns with our friend Steve Large.  It was a great time for us to work on some old songs and reflect on their meaning.  You can read the details about the hymns project as well as listen to sound samples below.

If, after listening to samples of the songs, you’d like to buy the entire recording you can click here for a digital copy.  Or if you prefer to purchase a hard copy of the CD and liner notes contact Daniel at danjoemiles@gmail.com  The hard copies are $11 (includes shipping) and will be mailed to you.

Please feel free to explore the site; here you’ll find information on instrument restoration, thoughts on hymnody, and other musings.  Be on the lookout for a new full length album of Daniel’s original music in the near future.


About the Evening Hymns Project

Several months ago we had an idea to make a simple recording of some songs that we could play in our boy’s room as they drifted off into sleep.  In many ways the project was born from the conviction that one’s mind is especially impressionable at the start and close of the day.  We want music to be an important part of these tender moments in our son’s lives.  Old hymns have the ability teach us things in a few moments that people struggle to articulate in lengthy sermons.  One of our favorite lyrics on the recording comes from Wesley’s well known hymn, “Love Divine, All Love’s Excelling”:

Finish, then, Your new creation;
Pure and spotless let us be.
Let us see Your great salvation
Perfectly restored in Thee;
Changed from glory into glory,
Till in heaven we take our place,
Till we cast our crowns before Thee,
Lost in wonder, love and praise.

We often struggle to raise these new creations God has loaned us.  And while we realize that all of us as human beings are “prone to wander”, we want to encourage our sons to constantly explore and find themselves “lost in wonder, love and praise”.  As we fight to find our way on this soil that is not our resting place we hope to mine the goodness of God and lose ourselves in His grace.  We hope these songs will enable the listener to rest in the wonder of it all.